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No kisses, no real need.
Pretending it’s still the beginning of summer 😭
Good things.  (at Sage Brooklyn)
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Got this week’s @grazeusa box. I can honesty say that all 4 are ones I was dying to try. Wanna get healthier snacking? For just $6 weekly or biweekly (your choice), you can get your own Graze Box by going to and entering the invite code Q4ZWVJVLB. You can browse their selection of snacks and rate which ones you’d love to try, don’t want to try, or want to receive more often. You’ll get your 1st box and 5th box for free. I’ve gotten 4 boxes already and I love it. So worth it.
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trying to complete a whole series of games before a new sequel comes out



Mail day! (at Castle Copeland)
Biked all the way to @sagebrooklyn and back for lunch. Never thought I would able to do something like this but I did it.  (at Castle Copeland)
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Getting turnt at this art gallery with @kerokev. (at Parsons The New School for Design)