"I just need a person" or "I just used a person"

I feel like the original way you read it says something about you.

Completely agree with the comment above.

Well shit
Painted my mom’s nails with P.C. Hooft Straat by @squarehue.
♡ @squarehue & @cultcosmetics goodies ♡
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Miley Cyrus at the IZOD Center

I have two spots on the guest list for that show tomorrow, just message me on here or tweet me @ theacademyisnt and I’ll put them in your name.

Close up of the thumb. Inspired by @mrcandiipants’s works.
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Close up on the goods. Pointer finger inspired by the creations of @chelseaqueen and middle finger and pinky inspired by the creations of @mrcandiipants, of course.
So @mrcandiipants is pretty much my inspiration for most things nail art related and I’m pretty proud of how these came out.
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Practice, practice, practice 😁
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