Copeland Will Release A New Album Called 'Ixora' This Year


Copeland is back. The band’s sixth album, Ixora, will be recorded soon and come out on October 31, 2014; pre-orders are here (top-right). There’s a video for a song called “Ordinary” in the replies.
Below you’ll find various bundles with music, apparel, and collectibles. ALL of the physical items in the pre-order will be limited-run items (including “SPECIAL EDITION” and “DELUXE IXORA TWIN” CDs). That means when the pre-orders have sold out, they won’t be offered again.

For the first time in our career, we are making a record as an independent band. These pre-orders are essentially funding the project. The encouraging messages and requests for a new album never stopped after our farewell tour in 2010. We are extremely honored by this and hope you love what we create.
Thank you in advance for your continued support.

- Aaron, Bryan, Jonathan, Stephen

Copeland Reunite; Announce New Album ‘Ixora'



Copeland are back. The band will be releasing a new album called Ixora that will mark the band’s first ever independent release on October 31st, 2014. Yes, it is April Fool’s Day, but the band has released a new song and have launched pre-orders for the release,…

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