Bestial || iPhone 2.23.13
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Remember when
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iMac 10.21.12
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Never showed you all the tattoo I got on my 18th birthday.
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iPhone 7.9.12
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What I want out of Ecoute for iOS scrobbling (that’s a given) offline scrobble queuing
Song queuing
Ability to “love” songs (

Those plus the functions of will 125%, without a doubt, make Ecoute for iOS my default music player in a heartbeat. I remember seeing a preview of it a while ago. I wonder if that is exactly what the final release looks like or if it has been revised at all. The functionality of OnCue with the beauty of NowPlayer, with an intelligent and kind of twist, would be very awesome. Thinking about it now, the artist view reminds me of the now playing album view on Ecoute for Mac. Nonetheless, I am excited for it to hit the app store. I have no doubt that Pixi Apps will impress me with this release.

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Today’s jam.  (Taken with Instagram)
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